J. Cole Cash Cobain’s new “sexy drill” single, “Grippy,” featuring a rare Cole feature, has garnered mixed reviews from fans. This collaboration comes after Cole apologized and exited his lyrical battle with Kendrick Lamar, which has left some fans questioning his latest move.

The production of “Grippy” came about when Cole reached out to Cash Cobain via DM, resulting in a revamped version of CC’s 2023 track “Dunk Contest.” While Cash Cobain outlines criteria for the sexy drill movement, fans were not impressed with Cole’s approach to the genre, criticizing him for dumbing down his lyrics. Lines such as “I call her that ’cause it’s grippy” and “She said she was gay until I slayed/Now she’s strictly dickly” did not sit well with listeners, who felt that Cole’s lyrical content lacked depth and originality.

Moreover, fans also called out Cole for what seemed to be a dig at the LGBTQ community, adding to the backlash he has experienced in 2024. With fans expressing the belief that Kendrick Lamar still lingers in Cole’s mind, it appears that Cole’s attempt at the sexy drill genre may have missed the mark.

Overall, J. Cole’s collaboration with Cash Cobain on “Grippy” has sparked controversy and divided opinions among fans. As Cole navigates his post-Kendrick Lamar battle career, it remains to be seen how he will address the feedback from his latest release. Ultimately, the reception of “Grippy” highlights the importance of artistic integrity and authenticity in the ever-evolving landscape of hip-hop.

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