YG Seemingly Responds To Drake’s “Family Matters” On New Single

YG, the Compton rapper, recently dropped a new single titled “Weird” that seems to address being referenced in Drake’s diss track “Family Matters.” While YG has not directly named Drake in the song, he alludes to the fact that he was not pleased with being involved in a battle that he had no part in. The lyrics suggest that YG felt his reputation and gang affiliation were being jeopardized by being mentioned in a diss track.

The relationship between YG and Drake has been a collaborative one in the past. They have worked together on several tracks, with Drake appearing on singles like “Who Do You Love?” and “Why You Always Hatin?” These collaborations have led to successful chart performances for the pair. However, the mention of YG in “Family Matters” seems to have struck a nerve with the Compton rapper, indicating that he did not appreciate being dragged into a beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, another West Coast artist.

YG Calls Out Drake For Referencing Him In A Diss

It is interesting to see YG addressing the situation through his music, rather than engaging in a public feud with Drake. The subtle references in “Weird” suggest that YG values his reputation and gang ties, and does not want to be associated with unnecessary drama. It shows a level of maturity and professionalism on YG’s part to address the situation in a creative and artistic manner.

Overall, YG’s response to Drake’s mention in “Family Matters” highlights the complexities of the music industry and the relationships between artists. While collaborations can lead to success, they can also come with strings attached. YG’s decision to address the situation in his own way through his music showcases his ability to handle conflicts with poise and artistry. It will be interesting to see how this situation continues to unfold and whether it will impact the relationship between YG and Drake in the future.

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