Metro Boomin Trolls 21 Savage Over Drake Association And Gets Blocked

The incident between 21 Savage and Metro Boomin sheds light on the playful banter and camaraderie that often exists in the hip-hop industry. It is clear that the two artists have a longstanding relationship and are comfortable enough with each other to engage in friendly teasing. However, when boundaries are crossed, as in this case with Metro trolling 21 Savage over his connection to Drake, it is important to address and rectify the situation.

It is interesting to note 21 Savage’s response to the trolling, as he chose to block Metro Boomin and even jokingly reported him to Instagram. This shows that even in a lighthearted context, there are still consequences for disrespect or overstepping boundaries. 21 Savage clearly values his independence and neutrality in the ongoing beef between Metro Boomin and Drake, and he is not afraid to assert his boundaries when necessary.

Additionally, 21 Savage’s use of Drake’s own lyrics in his response to Metro Boomin’s trolling adds another layer of humor and irony to the situation. It is a clear indication of the interconnectedness and influence that artists have on each other in the hip-hop community.

In conclusion, the incident between 21 Savage and Metro Boomin serves as a reminder of the dynamic and sometimes unpredictable nature of relationships in the music industry. While trolling and playful banter are common, it is important for artists to respect each other’s boundaries and maintain professionalism. Ultimately, it is clear that even in the midst of controversy and conflict, there is room for humor and camaraderie among artists.

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