Vince Staples’ latest album, Dark Times, has garnered praise from an unexpected source in the form of Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The rock legend took to social media to express his admiration for the album, calling it “so deep and good.” This endorsement adds a new layer of credibility to Staples’ work, as Flea is a renowned musician and known for his eclectic taste in music.

Flea’s appreciation for Vince Staples’ music is not surprising, given his known affinity for Hip Hop. He has previously expressed admiration for artists like J Dilla and has been open about the impact that Hip Hop has had on his own musical journey. In a 2016 interview, Flea spoke emotionally about the influence of J Dilla’s music on him, highlighting the profound connection he felt while listening to tracks like Ruff Draft.

The endorsement from Flea adds a level of validation to Staples’ work, signaling that his music transcends genres and resonates with listeners across different musical backgrounds. It also speaks to the depth and quality of Staples’ artistry, as recognized by a fellow musician of Flea’s caliber.

Overall, Flea’s praise for Dark Times underscores the importance of cross-genre appreciation in the music industry. It shows that great music transcends labels and categories, and that artists like Vince Staples have the power to connect with listeners from diverse backgrounds. With endorsements like Flea’s, Staples’ work is sure to reach new audiences and continue to inspire music lovers across the board.

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