Cardi B and BIA’s beef has been making headlines recently, with both rappers taking shots at each other in their music and on social media. Cardi B’s recent Instagram Live session shed some light on the animosity between the two artists, as she revealed her true feelings about BIA.

In her candid moment, Cardi B expressed her disdain for BIA, stating that she doesn’t like anything about her. She was unapologetic in her critique of BIA’s music and style, making it clear that she doesn’t see any value in what the other rapper has to offer.

The tension between Cardi B and BIA escalated with the release of Cardi’s verse on “Wanna Be,” where she seemingly took aim at BIA. Despite the diss track, Cardi B also revealed that she had attempted to resolve their issues through a phone call, only to be met with aggression from BIA.

Cardi B’s frustration with BIA continued to grow as she accused the rapper of spreading rumors about her behind her back. The situation reached a point where Cardi threatened to release their private conversation to expose BIA’s alleged lies and deceit.

Throughout her Instagram Live session, Cardi B maintained a confident and assertive tone, unafraid to speak her mind and confront the issues at hand. Her openness about her feelings towards BIA added fuel to the fire of their ongoing feud, as fans eagerly awaited the next chapter in their drama.

In conclusion, Cardi B’s candid revelations about her disdain for BIA shed light on the complexities of rap beef and the personal dynamics that can drive such conflicts. As both artists continue to navigate their differences in the public eye, it remains to be seen how their feud will ultimately unfold.

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