Paris Olympics: What to know and who to watch during the breakdancing competition

The inclusion of breakdancing in the Paris Olympics marks a significant moment in the history of the Games, as it is the first time this dynamic and expressive art form will be showcased on the Olympic stage. As fans eagerly await the debut of breakdancing at the 2024 Olympics, there are a number of athletes to watch and storylines to follow during the competition.

Among the many talented breakers set to compete in Paris, Victor Montalvo, known as B-boy Victor, stands out as a formidable contender. Hailing from the United States, Montalvo’s mastery of old-school b-boy techniques has garnered him acclaim in the international breaking community. His victory at the 2023 WDSF World Breaking Championship solidified his spot in Paris, making him a top athlete to keep an eye on during the competition.

Another standout athlete to watch is Sunny Choi, also from the United States. With a vibrant and energetic style, B-girl Sunny has long been a respected figure in the b-girl community. Her win at the 2023 Pan American Games showcased her skill and charisma, earning her a spot in the Paris Olympics. Fans can expect to see her bring her signature flair to the competition and wow spectators with her moves.

Philip Kim, known as B-boy Phil Wizard, represents Canada and is known for his consistently high rankings in international breaking competitions. With a strong track record of success, Kim secured his place in Paris with a standout performance at the Pan American Games. His technical prowess and creativity on the dance floor make him a force to be reckoned with, and fans can anticipate seeing him deliver a showstopping performance in Paris.

In addition to these standout athletes, young talent like Dominika Banevič from Lithuania adds an exciting dynamic to the breakdancing competition. At just 17 years old, B-girl Nicka has already demonstrated her skills on the global stage, qualifying for Paris through her success at the WDSF World Breaking Championship. Her youthful energy and passion for the art form make her a rising star to watch during the competition.

As breakdancing takes center stage at the Paris Olympics, fans can look forward to witnessing a diverse array of styles and techniques from breakers around the world. The inclusion of breakdancing in the Games not only highlights the global reach of hip-hop culture but also provides a platform for athletes from diverse backgrounds to showcase their talent and creativity. With a lineup of talented athletes like Victor Montalvo, Sunny Choi, Philip Kim, and Dominika Banevič, the breakdancing competition promises to be a thrilling and memorable event at the 2024 Olympics.

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