Ray J Claims He Slept With Amber Rose Nightly On “College Hill” Reality Show

Ray J Claims He Slept With Amber Rose Nightly On “College Hill” Reality Show

Ray J, the R&B singer and reality show star, recently made headlines with claims about his time on BET+’s College Hill: Celebrity Edition. In an interview with Jason Lee, Ray J revealed that he and castmate Amber Rose shared a bed every night during filming. He stated that Amber asked him to sleep with her because she believed she was seeing ghosts in the house. Despite this revelation, Ray J mentioned that their nightly cuddling sessions were not aired on the show.

The second season of College Hill: Celebrity Edition gained attention for a physical altercation between Amber Rose and Joseline Hernandez. However, Ray J chose not to disclose the outcome of the fight. Additionally, he defended Amber Rose’s public support for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the 2024 election, stating that he also supported Trump and former President Barack Obama.

Ray J’s claims about his relationship with Amber Rose during the reality show raise questions about the authenticity of reality television and the dynamics between cast members off-camera. The revelation also sheds light on the influence of politics in the entertainment industry and the support or backlash celebrities may face for their political affiliations.

Overall, Ray J’s statements about his experience on College Hill: Celebrity Edition with Amber Rose add a new layer of intrigue to the reality show and highlight the complexities of relationships in a competitive and dramatic environment. It remains to be seen how these claims will impact Ray J and Amber Rose’s public images and careers in the entertainment industry.

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