Juice WRLD’s ex, Ally Lotty, has once again stirred controversy by allegedly listing yet another sex tape featuring the late rapper for sale. This comes after previous attempts by Lotty to sell a sex tape of the couple, which garnered negative reactions from the public.

The screenshots from Lotty’s OnlyFans page captured by No Jumper reveal that the new sex tape is titled “Shower sex with my famous ex,” with Lotty claiming that she wanted to release a new unreleased tape with Juice WRLD. The explicit details shared by Lotty about their activities in the bedroom have raised eyebrows and sparked outrage among fans of the late rapper.

Earlier this year, Lotty faced backlash when she attempted to sell a sex tape featuring herself and Juice WRLD. The caption of the post included provocative language and suggested that she was being pressured by hackers to release the tape. The public response to this revelation was overwhelmingly negative, with many criticizing Lotty for exploiting Juice WRLD’s death and tarnishing his legacy.

Fans expressed their anger and disappointment at Lotty’s actions, with some resorting to harsh language and condemning her for her behavior. The general sentiment was one of betrayal towards Juice WRLD and a feeling that Lotty was capitalizing on his fame for personal gain.

This latest development adds to the ongoing controversy surrounding Lotty and her attempts to profit from her past relationship with Juice WRLD. The recurring pattern of trying to sell intimate moments shared with the rapper has only served to further damage her reputation in the eyes of the public.

In conclusion, the repeated attempts by Ally Lotty to sell sex tapes featuring Juice WRLD have drawn widespread criticism and condemnation. The public reaction highlights the sensitivity surrounding the late rapper’s legacy and the need for respect and dignity in handling personal and intimate matters. Lotty’s actions continue to fuel controversy and raise questions about the boundaries of privacy and respect in the digital age.

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