Quavo Celebrates White X Cognac Launch With Carbone NYC Party: ‘I’m a Real Trendsetter’

Quavo Celebrates White X Cognac Launch With Carbone NYC Party: ‘I’m a Real Trendsetter’

Quavo, one-third of the rap group Migos, has always had a taste for “Good Drank” and has now taken that passion a step further with the launch of his own White X Cognac. The launch party, held at the exclusive NYC restaurant Carbone, was a celebration of Quavo’s newest venture into the spirits industry.

Described as unapologetic and ready to bend the rules, White X Cognac is poised to make a mark in the crowded cognac market. With its unique straw coloring and delightful notes of peach and vanilla, White X offers a smoother pour than its competitors. To add to the excitement of the launch, a special cocktail called Rocket Power, made with White X, Gran Gala, and lemon juice, was served to guests.

For Quavo, this launch represents a second chance in the alcohol business. He had previously been involved with another cognac brand that did not quite take off as expected. This time around, he is determined to learn from his past mistakes and ensure that White X Cognac is a success.

Simone Hamilton, Sean Bolasingh, Suresh Gordon

Quavo’s choice to partner with Sazerac Spirits for the production of White X was a strategic one. He wanted to align himself with a brand that shared his vision and matched his aesthetic. The result is a product that embodies his vibrant and youthful energy, setting the stage for a new era in the world of cognac.

As Quavo explained, “We’re looking forward to coming into the industry and f—ing s— up.” This bold statement speaks to his confidence and belief in the potential of White X Cognac to make a splash in the market.

Overall, Quavo’s White X Cognac launch party was a night to remember. Surrounded by friends, family, and industry insiders, he celebrated the culmination of his hard work and dedication to creating a product that reflects his taste and style. With White X Cognac, Quavo has proven once again that he is a true trendsetter in the music and now spirits industry.

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