NBA YoungBoy’s latest track “Tears of War” has stirred up controversy as he takes aim at Birdman for alleged betrayal. The Cash Money Records co-founder, who has been a mentor and collaborator to the young rapper, is now at odds with him.

On the track, YoungBoy raps about his realization that Birdman never truly cared for him, referencing Lil Wayne’s warning to watch out for the older rapper. This revelation seems to have come as a shock to fans, as YoungBoy and Birdman had appeared to be on good terms in recent years.

The timing of the song is also significant, as it was reportedly the last track YoungBoy recorded before his recent arrest. The 24-year-old is currently facing legal troubles in a drug prescription fraud case in Utah, adding another layer of complexity to the situation between him and Birdman.

Despite their past collaborations and close relationship, it seems that something has caused a rift between YoungBoy and Birdman. The two had even worked on a joint project together, with Birdman expressing his belief that YoungBoy could help save Hip Hop. However, it appears that their friendship has taken a sour turn.

The specifics of their falling out remain unclear, but the tension between YoungBoy and Birdman is palpable in “Tears of War.” Whether this is a temporary disagreement or a permanent rift in their relationship remains to be seen.

In conclusion, NBA YoungBoy’s call out of Birdman on his new song sheds light on a possible betrayal and strained relationship between the two artists. As YoungBoy navigates his legal troubles, it seems that he is also dealing with personal issues within the music industry. Only time will tell how this situation unfolds and whether YoungBoy and Birdman will be able to reconcile in the future.

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