Will Smith has once again proven his box office prowess with the success of Bad Boys: Ride Or Die, the fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise. This film marks his return to the big screen after the infamous Oscars scandal of 2022, where he slapped comedian Chris Rock during the awards show.

Despite the controversy surrounding him, Smith has managed to attract audiences and bring in impressive numbers at the box office. Bad Boys: Ride Or Die earned $56 million in the U.S. and $48.6 million internationally, totaling $104.6 million worldwide. This achievement solidifies his status as a bankable star, capable of drawing in audiences and delivering successful films.

The success of Bad Boys: Ride Or Die is not only a testament to Smith’s star power but also to the enduring appeal of the buddy cop action/comedy genre. The dynamic between Smith and his co-star Martin Lawrence continues to resonate with audiences, drawing them back to theaters for each new installment of the franchise.

Despite the positive reception of the film, there are lingering questions about the repercussions of Smith’s actions at the Oscars. The possibility of his Oscar win being rescinded due to the Academy’s strict policy against violence remains a concern. However, Smith took the proactive step of resigning from the organization before any disciplinary action could be taken, allowing him to avoid further repercussions.

In conclusion, Will Smith’s success with Bad Boys: Ride Or Die serves as a reminder of his talent and appeal as an actor. The film’s box office performance demonstrates the continued support of audiences for his work, despite the controversies surrounding him. Smith’s ability to draw in audiences and deliver entertaining performances reaffirms his status as a box office heavyweight in Hollywood.

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