The news of Rihanna revealing that she is “starting over” on her new album and that she is now “prepared” for this next chapter in her music career has sent waves of excitement through the Rihanna Navy, her devoted fan base. Since the release of her last album, ANTI, in 2016, fans have been eagerly awaiting new music from the iconic singer.

Rihanna’s candid comments about her creative process and rediscovery of music show a level of vulnerability and honesty that fans have come to expect from her. By admitting that she is starting over and listening to her music with fresh ears and a new perspective, Rihanna is showing that she is committed to delivering her best work yet.

The singer’s focus on building her beauty empire and starting a family in recent years has understandably taken precedence over her music career. However, her recent declaration that she is ready to return to the studio and work on new music is a promising sign for fans who have waited patiently for new material.

Rihanna’s willingness to take the time to reevaluate her existing songs and see what still resonates with her showcases her dedication to creating music that is true to herself. The fact that she is starting over but not neglecting the work she has already done demonstrates her commitment to delivering a cohesive and authentic album.

With the announcement that Rihanna is back in the studio and ready to start fresh on her new album, fans can look forward to a highly anticipated project that is sure to showcase the singer’s growth and evolution as an artist. Rihanna’s honesty and transparency about her creative process only adds to the excitement surrounding the release of her ninth LP, making it a highly anticipated event in the music world.

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