A$AP Rocky, known for his music and fashion sense, has recently starred alongside his two sons, RZA and Riot Rose, in a heartwarming Bottega Veneta ad campaign. The rapper shared the adorable family-themed shoot on Father’s Day, celebrating the special bond between him and his children.

In the black and white carousel shared on Instagram, Rocky expressed his thoughts on fatherhood, quoting Carrie Mae Weems and highlighting the love and vulnerability captured in the campaign. He expressed his pride in being a father and the joy he feels in being called “Dadda” by his sons.

This isn’t the first time Rocky has showcased his role as a doting dad. Last month, he shared photos and videos to celebrate RZA’s 2nd birthday, documenting happy memories with his family. The rapper and his partner, Rihanna, welcomed their two children with much love and joy, evident in the posts shared on social media.

RZA’s birthday party, held at the Color Factory in New York City, was a memorable occasion for the family and close friends. The celebration was a testament to the love and closeness shared by Rocky, Rihanna, and their children, creating lasting memories for the family to cherish.

Overall, A$AP Rocky’s Bottega Veneta ad campaign featuring his sons is a heartwarming tribute to fatherhood, showcasing the bond and love between a father and his children. The rapper’s dedication to his family and the joy he derives from being a father is evident in the photos and videos shared, creating a touching moment for fans and followers to witness.

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