Pharrell Williams, a renowned artist and producer in the music industry, has recently released a new track titled “Double Life” which has sparked speculation among fans about possible shots taken at fellow rapper Drake. The song is set to be included on the upcoming Despicable Me 4 Soundtrack, scheduled for release on July 3.

In the track, Pharrell delivers seemingly pointed lyrics that have been interpreted by some listeners as a reference to Drake. One particular line in the song goes, “Lie detector time/ Hey, what are you hiding?/ Nothing wrong being private/ Make sure it ain’t wrong.” This lyrical content has led fans to speculate that Pharrell may be calling out Drake for being secretive or dishonest in some aspect of his life.

Upon hearing the track, fans immediately took to social media to share their thoughts and theories about the possible Drake diss. One Twitter user joked about Drake preventing his son Adonis from watching Despicable Me, given the connection to Pharrell’s track. Another user humorously suggested that Pharrell turned a song about minions into a diss track.

However, not all fans are convinced that Pharrell’s lyrics are actually aimed at Drake. Some have suggested that the references may be related to the Despicable Me franchise itself, rather than a direct attack on the Canadian rapper. Despite the speculation, it remains unclear whether Pharrell intended to take shots at Drake through his music.

In addition to his music endeavors, Pharrell has also been making waves in the film industry with his upcoming Lego-themed biopic, Piece By Piece. The trailer for the biopic features a Lego version of Pharrell interacting with the director and discussing the unique concept of telling his life story through Lego pieces.

Overall, the potential feud between Pharrell and Drake, as hinted at in “Double Life,” has stirred up conversation among fans and the music community. Whether or not the lyrics are truly aimed at Drake remains to be confirmed, but the speculation adds an intriguing layer to the release of Pharrell’s new music. As fans eagerly await the Despicable Me 4 Soundtrack, the anticipation of potential drama between these two artists only adds to the excitement surrounding the project.

Check out the song below and decide for yourself.

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