Mustard Seemingly Trolls Drake With Hat At Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” Video Shoot

Kendrick Lamar’s music video shoot for “Not Like Us” in Compton over the weekend has sparked much excitement among fans and industry peers alike. The highly anticipated video, especially given the track’s history as part of Kendrick’s feud with Drake, has everyone eagerly awaiting its release.

One particular aspect of the shoot that has caught attention is DJ Mustard’s appearance, specifically his choice to wear a Toronto Blue Jays hat. This subtle detail has led to speculation that it could be a sly dig at Drake, who hails from Toronto and has shown support for the baseball team in the past. Given the contentious history between Kendrick and Drake, it wouldn’t be surprising if Mustard’s choice of headwear was indeed intended as a playful jab at the Canadian rapper.

The ongoing rivalry between Kendrick and Drake has been well-documented, with both artists taking shots at each other through their music. The lyrics of “Not Like Us” are no exception, with Kendrick calling out Drake and his OVO crew in a particularly bold manner. As such, it wouldn’t be out of character for Mustard to continue the playful trolling during the music video shoot.

Overall, the anticipation for the release of the “Not Like Us” music video is high, with fans eagerly awaiting the final product. The inclusion of special guests and the potential for more subtle jabs at Drake only add to the excitement surrounding the project. Regardless of the intentions behind Mustard’s choice of hat, it has certainly sparked conversation and added another layer of intrigue to an already highly anticipated music video.

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