Saweetie Accused Of Starting Stampede After Fight Breaks Out At Chicago Festival 

Saweetie, the rising star in the music industry, recently faced backlash after a fight broke out during her performance at the Vegandale Festival in Chicago. The incident occurred as Saweetie was headlining the event at Grant Park, Butler Field on Sunday. As the rapper paused her performance to address the crowd, chaos erupted, leading to a stampede.

In a video captured at the event, Saweetie can be seen halting her performance and asking the crowd if everyone was safe. Before she could finish her sentence, people began running away from what appeared to be a disturbance in the crowd. The footage shows a large number of confused concertgoers dispersing as chaos ensued.

Following the incident, Saweetie took to Twitter to express her concern for the safety of her fans, hoping that everyone had gotten home safely. However, on social media, some users blamed Saweetie for causing the stampede. One person criticized her for saying, “I know y’all not doing what I think y’all doing,” on stage in Chicago, leading attendees to assume a potential shooting and triggering the stampede.

The backlash continued on social media, with some users advising Saweetie to never return to Chicago, as they believed she had caused unnecessary harm. There were also speculations about whether a shooting had sparked the chaos, as concertgoers described the scene as people stampeding and screaming.

In conclusion, the unfortunate incident at the Vegandale Festival in Chicago has resulted in Saweetie being accused of starting a stampede after a fight broke out during her performance. While the exact cause of the chaos remains unclear, the rapper has faced criticism from some fans for her words on stage. This incident serves as a reminder of the challenges that artists face when performing live and the importance of prioritizing crowd safety at music events.

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