Rick Ross has always been known for his larger-than-life persona in the rap game, but even he was caught off guard by a recent brawl with Drake’s OVO goons in Canada. The incident occurred after Ross played Kendrick Lamar’s “Not Like Us” at a show in Vancouver, a track that takes aim at Drake with accusations of being a pedophile and other insults.

While leaving the stage, Ross was confronted by a group of men who were likely angered by the diss track being played on Drake’s home turf. Words were exchanged, and before long, a physical altercation broke out, with one of the men delivering a sucker punch to Ross’s face. The brawl escalated, resulting in several members of Ross’s entourage being beaten and knocked to the ground.

Despite the chaos, Ross appeared to take the incident in stride. He jokingly commented on an Instagram post about the fight, quipping that he thought the men were just “bottle service boys.” In a social media post following the altercation, Ross shared a photo of himself in front of his private jet, seemingly unscathed and ready to move on from the incident.

The aftermath of the brawl left one of Ross’s associates unconscious and requiring assistance, but Ross himself managed to avoid serious injury. His nonchalant attitude towards the incident, as evidenced by his social media posts, suggests that he is unbothered by the altercation and ready to move forward.

In the world of rap beefs and clashes between artists, physical altercations are unfortunately not uncommon. While the situation in Vancouver was undoubtedly tense and potentially dangerous, Ross’s ability to brush it off and maintain his composure speaks to his experience and resilience in the industry. As he continues to navigate the complex landscape of hip-hop, it’s clear that Rick Ross is not one to be easily shaken by a scuffle with rival crews.

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