Diddy Nightclub Shooting Victim Natania Reuben Claims Mogul Had “A Bag” On Her Head

The nightclub shooting involving music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs and rapper Shyne in 1999 has resurfaced with Natania Reuben, one of the victims, making bold claims about the incident. Reuben, who survived a gunshot wound to the face during the altercation, recently spoke out about the threats on her life that forced her to leave Brooklyn and seek refuge elsewhere.

According to Reuben, the shooting incident was sparked off by a well-known Brooklyn drug dealer named Matthew “Scar” Allen, who got into an altercation with Diddy and his crew at the nightclub. She recounted how Diddy and Shyne pulled out guns and started firing indiscriminately, resulting in her being shot in the face.

Although Shyne was convicted of the shooting, Diddy and his bodyguard, Anthony “Wolf” Jones, were acquitted of weapons charges. Diddy later settled a civil lawsuit filed by Reuben and the other victims, paying them substantial amounts of money in damages.

Despite the settlement, Reuben has maintained that Diddy was the one who shot her. She claimed that she had to flee Brooklyn because there was a contract on her head, implying that her life was in danger due to the events surrounding the nightclub shooting.

Reuben’s claims have reignited interest in the case and raised questions about the true events that transpired that fateful night. The allegations she has made against Diddy have brought renewed scrutiny to the incident and have cast a shadow of doubt over the official narrative of the shooting.

As the controversy surrounding the nightclub shooting continues to unfold, it is essential to consider all perspectives and investigate the claims made by Reuben. The implications of her allegations are significant and may have far-reaching consequences for all parties involved in the incident.

In conclusion, the claims made by Natania Reuben regarding the nightclub shooting involving Diddy and Shyne have shed new light on the events of that night. Her assertion that Diddy had a contract on her head has raised concerns about the true nature of the incident and the extent of Diddy’s involvement. As the story continues to develop, it is crucial to remain vigilant and seek the truth amidst the conflicting accounts of what transpired at the nightclub in 1999.

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