Gordo Seemingly Teases New Drake Music By Posting Cryptic Release Date

This incident with Gordo teasing new Drake music by posting a cryptic release date is the latest in a series of hints and teases that fans have been subjected to. Gordo, a seasoned DJ with a long history in the music industry, has recently gained more attention due to his collaborations with superstar Drake. The anticipation for new music from this duo has been building, and Gordo’s recent social media posts have only added fuel to the fire.

In his recent Instagram posts, Gordo shared a video from the Flagrant podcast where the panelists discuss his work with Drake. The panelists mention how Drake is known for tapping into what is popular and reinventing himself, using his collaboration with Gordo as an example. This video, along with a photo of Drake’s Toronto mansion, both feature the date “July 12” written across them. This date aligns with a standard Friday release, hinting at the possibility of new music dropping on that day.

However, it’s important to note that Gordo has teased new Drake music before, back in May with a post that suggested new music was coming in summer 2024. This previous tease turned out to be false, leading to disappointment among fans. It’s possible that the release was delayed or plans changed, but it serves as a reminder that not all social media teases should be taken at face value.

As fans eagerly await any new music from their favorite artists, it’s crucial to approach these teasers with caution. While Gordo’s recent posts indicate that something may be in the works, it’s essential to temper expectations and wait for an official announcement before getting too excited. Until then, fans can continue to speculate and anticipate what surprises Gordo and Drake may have in store for them.

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