It was on this date, aug 24, 1999 The High & Mighty released their debut studio album “Home Field Advantage “

Dj Mighty Mi & Mr Eon The Highty & Mighty

Home Field Advantage is the debut studio album by American hip hop group The High & Mighty. It was released on August 24, 1999 via Rawkus Records and was produced mostly by DJ Mighty Mi, but also featured production from Alchemist and Reef. It features guest appearances from Bobbito GarcíaCage, Defari, EminemEvidenceKool KeithMad SkillzMos DefPharoahe MonchThirstin Howl IIIWhat? What? and Wordsworth. The album peaked at number 193 on the Billboard 200,number 45 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and number 11 on the Heatseekers Albums.Home Field Advantage

Studio album by The High & Mighty

Released. August 24, 1999

Recorded. 1998–1999

Studio: The Muthafuckin Spot On Lexington

Genre: Hip hop

Length. 62:15.

Label. Rawkus

Producer. Mr. Eon (exec.)

DJ Mighty Mi (also exec.)



Track listing

No. Title Producer(s) Length

1.”Tip Off Time” (Intro)DJ Mighty Mi 1:30

2.”Dirty Decibels” (featuring Pharoahe Monch) DJ Mighty Mi. 3:53

3.”Top Prospects” (featuring Defari and Evidence)The Alchemist. 3:45

4.”Dick Starbuck “Porno Detective””DJ Mighty Mi. 3:44

5. “B-Boy Document ’99” (featuring Mad Skillz and Mos Def) DJ Mighty Mi. 3:54

6. “The Last Hit” (featuring Eminem)DJ Mighty Mi. 4:19

7.”Ay Yo” (skit)  0:26

8.”Hot Spittable” DJ Mighty Mi. 4:05

9. “The Meaning” DJ Mighty Mi. 4:07

10.”In-Outs” (featuring Cage) DJ Mighty Mi. 3:41

11.”Papers Please” (skit)  0:45

12.”Shaquan & Eon” (featuring Mad Skillz) DJ Mighty Mi. 3:58

13.”The Half” Reef 3:56

14.”Hands On Experience, Pt. II” (featuring Bobbito GarcíaKool Keith and What? What?)DJ Mighty Mi 5:01

15. “Weed” Reef. 3:30

16.”Newman”  (skit)  1:12

17.”Open Mic Night (Remix)” (featuring Thirstin Howl III and Wordsworth)The Alchemist. 3:41

18.”Mind, Soul & Body”DJ Mighty Mi 3:40

19.”Friendly Game of Football”DJ Mighty Mi 3:08

Total length:1:02:15



Credits adapted from liner notes.

  • Mr. Eon – performer, writer, executive producer
  • DJ Mighty Mi – producer, writer, executive producer, mixing
  • The Alchemist – producer, mixing
  • What? What? – performer, writer
  • Kool Keith – performer, writer
  • Bobbito Garcia – performer, writer
  • Rob “Reef” Tewlow – additional programming, drum programming
  • Lord Sear – beatbox
  • Mark Ronson – additional programming
  • DJ EV – turntables
  • Rashida Jones – additional vocals
  • She Speaks – additional vocals
  • DJ Sebb – turntables
  • Vere Isaacs – bass
  • DJ Daze – turntables
  • Elliott Thomas – mix engineer
  • Kieran Walsh – mix engineer
  • Nobody – art direction, graphic design
  • A.S.1. – graphic design

Album Chart Positions

Year Album Chart positions

1999 Billboard 200 #193

1999 Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums #45

1999 Heatseekers Albums. #11

Singles. Chart. Positions

Year. Song Chart positions

Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs. #63

Hot Rap Songs. #7

1999 “B-Boy Document ’99”

2000″Dick Starbuck “Porno Detective” #37

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