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A child prodigy, whom began rapping at a very young age in which led to an opportunity to be apart of a rap group named Point Blank. Fi Chief’s talents got him a record deal with Jeezy’s then known as Young Jeezy label called Young Gunz Entertainment which eventually turned into Corporate Thugz Entertainment. Fi Chief was the youngest of a supergroup of hungry rappers named Young Gunz, who were known for being sighted amongst Jeezy’s entourage. Who ran a close tight knit security for the rising star. The Young Gunz made several appearances on Young Jeezy’s “Trap Or Die” DVD. As one of the original members of USDA, Fi Chief had a verse on “Da Movement” & “Lean Wit It” which are tracks on Tha Streets Iz Watchin mixtape hosted by DJ Drama. By 18, Fi Chief performed with Young Jeezy’s on the Trap or Die tour. He performed in shows all over the Southeast region of the United States alongside big names such as Bun B, Fabolous and Yo Gotti just to name a few. As well as featured with alot of dope artist on the grind like him.

Fi Chief started his own label in 2005, Meal Time Entertainment. Since then Fi Chief has been grinding non-stop. He hooked up with Big Wu on the original version of the popular summer ’06 single, “I’m The Shit”, which featured Fabo. & dropped Three mixtapes ” Let’s Eat” Vol 1 and 2 “A Taste Of the Future” & an album “50/50

420 The Mixtape by Fi Chief hosted by DJ T.Swin featuring Project Pat, Feno, MJG and more

By “2008 He linked up with videographer Doug “GreatScott” Jones who filmed videos for both “I Am Rap” and “Murder Case”. In 2009, GreatScott was putting the finishing touches on the latter when he introduced a proposition to Munta “Money” Montgomery & Damon Reeves “Flyer Grafix”, (Graphic Designer). Munta and Damon heard Fi Chief for the first time and their interest in Fi Chief was immediately sparked. Shortly after, Damon, Munta & Fi Chief met to discuss Fi Chief’s future. As a result, FI-HOUSE MUSIC GROUP was created
and the “doyouCHIEF?” campaign was born

“Murder Case” – Fi Chief shot by Doug “GreatScott” Jones
BankRoll Fresh (R.i.p) & Fi Chief
“Lemon Squeeze” By Fi Chief’s featuring Young Thug & Doggie Phi
Goldmouf, Mr Chadman & Fi Chief in the studio
FI CHIEF & GOLDMOUF in Castlehill Studios

Since then Fi Chief has created his own clothing line named Organic GrOath Clothing Co. Which had a Billboard in his home town showcasing the many different styles & looks from various supporters. Pushing his brand all the way to Seattle, Washington which gave him an opportunity to have his own show doing reviews of all the latest strains of Marijuana.

All while traveling back and forth between Macon, Ga and Seattle Washington. Fi Chief kept making music releasing a series of mixtapes in 2018 “Chief TV”, “EBT”, & “Eat Or Die” & two others in 2019 “Go OG” & “Look Up To Yourself”.

Chief Tv by Fi Chief
E.B.T by Fi Chief
Eat Or Die by Fi Chief
Look Up To Yourself by Fi Chief

“Its been awhile since I released any new music….

Different comes to play when a reason comes to mind. Simply the biggest part is passion. Most of my passion to have a voice left years ago. Music started to become more of a fad than art. Saying you rapped became normal for me. This here aint Rap no more for me on my side. This is Real Life situations with a purposeful dialogue….. Follow me as I lead you to new road of Entertainment. Accountable Entertainment”

Fi chief caption on instagram
Fi chief instagram post.

Fi chiefs new single “Run Ins”

“Run Ins” by Fi Chief

“Run Ins” takes the listeners to a place where social injustice has displayed its ugly face throughout the history of this country. Fi Chief’s bars piggy back of The Black Lives Matters movement but highlights the acts of racism and injustice which is constantly swept under the rug especiallyin his hometown of Macon, Ga. Fi Chief challenges the listeners to take responsibility in holding ourselves accountable for what for whatever vices that plagues our community’s. I’m sure everyone can agree that we should take a great look at ourselves and change our frame of minds and thinking in order to be equal in todays times.

This new release gets 4 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 rating out of five. For a dope delivery and substance within the content.

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Fi Chief & The Late Great Nipsey Hussle

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