Just in time for Halloween, Independent film makers HotxxMagFilms Media dropped a short horror film entitled “Escaped”. A story of a woman sentenced to life in prison for the murder of a man who has escaped from prison and becoming a fugitive on the run. Who has a getting money brother whom hire’s a crooked lawyer to do what he must to keep his sister free while she is being hunted by detectives and the FBI.


Written, directed, edited and starring Tara Jackson, who plays the escaped fugitive played her role with a convincing spirit. From the opening scene of Escaped the film gives you the storyline and then takes you even deeper as the detectives played by Reek2Deep and Nelse Dumas Jr. Find out they have a dangerous Escapee on their hands.

The fugitive’s brother played by Lou Legrand buys a new home from realtor played by Keke Sebwe, to keep his sister safe from the authorities while requiring the services from the crooked lawyer played by Malik Long, whose sole priority is to get the escaped fugitive out of the current situation but unbeknownst to them both she still up to her old tricks.

The chemistry between the actors was great to watch because it brought the film out and would have you glued to the screen wanting to see more. I enjoyed “Escaped” awhole lot to the point i was disappointed that it ended. It was that good!! The music within the film was properly placed and illuminated each scene to capture the audience it was intended to.

The music that appeared and featured on the film was done by some new up and coming artist with names such as Da Real Woodie, Lady Tbadd, Brothamans, Da Invisible Man, Prada & YBC Honcho. Each have a unique sound that instantly catches your attention and makes you a fan.

I give Escaped a highly reccomendation not only because of its independence but for a movie shot professionally on an Iphone 14 with a $1000 budget is worth the support from all walks of life

Check out “Escaped” from HotxxMagFilms below


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