Kanye West has been dropped by several companies and organizations in recent weeks following various anti-Semitic comments he’s made, and it looks like he can now add another to the list.

On Friday (October 28), Goodwill reportedly sent a memo out to its stores, instructing them to remove all Yeezy items and announce that it would no longer be accepting any products made by Ye.

As we strive to maintain the most up to date product information on Elevated Brands available to sell,” a memo doing the rounds on social media stated, “We are sensitive to current events and take action when designers and brands do not align with our Mission and RISE values.”

The alleged memo continued: “We are currently removing the sale of Adidas Yeezy brand products from all channels, Retail Stores, Boutiques, eCommerce and Outlets, as well as from out Elevated Brands tool.”

The memo went on to explain that Goodwill’s eCommerce division will no longer be accepting any Kanye West products and that it’ll cease online sales of the product, while any Yeezy products found on store shelves must be removed and placed in trash bags.

The reports involving Goodwill arrive at the end of a tumultuous week for Kanye West, who saw the dissolution of his deal with adidas, resulting in the embattled rapper’s net worth plunging from $1.9 billion to $400 million. His Donda Sports agency also lost NFL player Aaron Donald and NBA star Jaylen Brown as clients.

After being hit with a $250 million lawsuit from the family of George Floyd and doubling down on anti-Semitic comments made across social media and in several controversial interviews, Kanye West issued an apology to the Jewish communityduring an equally charged chat with Piers Morgan

On Friday (October 28), Ye also walked back his statements about the manner in which Floyd was killed.

“When I see that video as a Black person, it hurts my feelings,” West said while surrounded by paparazzi. “And I know that police do attack [sic] and that America is generally racist. And I understand that when we got to say Black Lives Matter, the idea of it made us feel good together as a people. Now, afterwards there was some things where the money went in order to push us to the Democratic vote.”

“So when I questioned the death of George Floyd, it hurt my people,” he continued. “I want to apologize. Because God has showed me by what adidas is doing, by what the media is doing, I know what it feels to have a knee on my neck right now.

“So thank you God for humbling me and letting me know how it really felt,” Kanye West added. “Because how could the richest Black men ever be humbled other than to be made to not be a billionaire in front of everyone off a comment.”

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