50 Cent has reason to celebrate after scoring an early win in his lawsuit against a Miami medical spa that implied he had undergone penis enhancement surgery.

According to a report from Billboard, federal judge Robert N. Scola, Jr. will not be tossing out 50’s lawsuit and instead is ruling the rapper may have a valid case on his hands. The Queens legend’s lawsuit stems from Angela Kogan and her Perfection Plastic Surgery & MedSpa using a photo that 50 took at the establishment to suggest he was a client and received some type of penile procedure.

Kogan denied the allegations placed on her and her business and wasted no time asking to dismiss the case arguing that 50 was a client and agreed to the use of the image as payment for the work he allegedly had done.

In addition to her claims, Kogan is also arguing that the Instagram post using the picture of her and 50 is intended to thank the rapper for visiting her office and not actually endorsing it. Judge Scola wasn’t buying it and labeled her argument as “simply wrong

“As the proverbial saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words,” Scola wrote. “This one in particular depicts a worldwide celebrity next to Kogan with MedSpa’s name repeated all throughout the background. The promotional value is evident.”

He added: “Read in the light most favorable to Jackson, the defendants’ ‘thanks’ serves as a humblebrag. It is self-promotion,” while a definition of the word humblebrag was added to the ruling.

Judge Scola’s ruling doesn’t mean 50 Cent has won the case as it will now go into discovery, or the process during which both sides exchange key evidence. Once that’s completed, the case will go to trial where both sides will attempt to prove their sides.

50 Cent filed his lawsuit in September in which he claimed he thought Kogan was a fan that wanted a picture and never gave authorization for the photo to be used as promo for her business. A trial date had been set for July 3, 2023, and 50 took to his Instagram with a battle cry, signaling he’s ready to go to war.

Yeah my d_ck is a BIG DEAL set for trial in july no enhancement necessary,these fools put them selves out of business. SMH,” 50 wrote in his caption under a picture highlighting the trial date.

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