Cardi B has previewed some new tunes for her “starving” fans while addressing alleged leaks that have emerged online.

The “WAP” rapper has been hard at work on her sophomore album for a few years now, and as anticipation for the project continues to build, Cardi graced her Bardi Gang fan base with a taste of what she’s been working on.

HERE some scraps since y’all STARVING,” she wrote on Twitter with multiple emojis on Monday (December 12). The brief seven-second clip finds Cardi rapping over a braggadocious beat as she stunts on the competition.

“Yeah, you watching every time that I post / Hoes with nothing always gotta to do the most / Bitch, you sound like you broke,” she rapped.

Cardi also took time to to address a handful of alleged references tracks for her upcoming album that leaked online, which the “Tomorrow 2” rapper dismissed as phony.

“Lmmmaaaoooooooooo …These are horrible too I would never lol” she wrote in response to a fan who said the snippets were obviously “fake.”

Another fan noted that some of the bars heard in the tracks weren’t even phrases that Cardi would say.

“I just feel like these are things that people think that I want or would say,” she wrote in a separate tweet. “Like party wit Cardi ? That’s so late for me to say is like me saying okruuuuuuu again …..And Jenny from them block sample it’s like cliche & expected…..Nice try tho.”

As fans patiently wait for new music from the Bronx-bred rapper, Cardi B confirmed in a heartfelt Instagram Live session last week that personal anxieties are partially behind the delay.

“I’m just a mom and I do have anxiety,” she said in part. “I’ve been having a lot of anxiety, because I know right after I drop my album, I have to go out on tour and I have bad separation anxiety from my kids.

“When it comes to music and everything, I just be feeling like I don’t be liking anything. I feel like I got so many songs and I don’t like anything. I feel like nothing is good enough… And I got so much money saved up I just be like, ‘Yeah, whatever the fuck.’”

Cardi went on to reveal that music feels like a “job” to her these days, although her recent $1 million, 35-minute performance reminded her why she loves being on stage.

“Making music to me has become like a job that gives me anxiety because everybody just critiques everything that I do,” she continued. “It just like, sometimes you don’t want to do something that gives you that much anxiety, so I just be freezing myself, but I have to let that go. I have to release more music — I have to go out there

When her Invasion of Privacy follow-up eventually drops, Cardi B will be represented by a new management team having joined Irving and Jeffrey Azoff’s Full Stop Management last month.

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