“I do pay for everything,” he attested. “I pay for bills and stuff like that. I never let a woman pay for hair and nails. That’s off the rip. Nope, you not paying for no hair and nails. That’s my thing, I don’t know about other n-ggas. I just know what I do.

“Hair and nails, you ain’t paying for. Bills you ain’t paying for. House you ain’t paying for. I think your personal things you wanna do, you could do that. Outside of bills, make sure you clean and make sure you cook when I get home. Other than that, ain’t none of this going on.”

YK Osiris continued to say that’s “how it’s supposed to be” and a man should take care of certain things such as hair and nails if he wants to be in a serious relationship, otherwise he’s just not ready at that point.

Kendra G warned the R&B singer that his inbox was about to be flooded with potential girlfriends after he set the bar high and clarified that he’s indeed single at the moment even though he welcomed his first child six months ago

Osiris hasn’t always shown he’s the most financially astute as he worked to clear up the six-figure debt he compiled after losing bets to Yung Bleu, Lil Baby, Drake, Polo G and Quavo earlier this year.

The 23-year-old has laid low on the music side for most of 2022, but did deliver a message courting a certain love interest with his July single “BE MY GIRL.”

Meanwhile, YK Osiris had fans worrying about his health in October after he shared a cryptic video message on his social pages where he spoke about being unhappy and hating his life.

The Florida native shared his concerning message during a recent Instagram Live over the weekend where he was sitting in a car driving around Los Angeles. According to YK, he isn’t happy with his current spot in life and claimed Drake and Lil Baby aren’t his friends or even speaking to him.

To make matters even more concerning, YK Osiris admitted he had been dealing with suicidal urges while holding back tears.

After fans were scrambling to figure out what was going on with him, YK Osiris posted another video explaining why he let his emotions run wild during his initial IG Live rant. According to YK, he did that so people can understand others feel that way too.

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