So Sad: Rickey Smiley Shares That His Son Brandon Smiley Has Passed Away

UPDATED — 11:00 AM 01/30/2023Rickey Smiley has thanked fans for their thoughts and prayers while revealing that he’s devastated by his son’s passing.

I took a sleeping pill, I only slept for four hours,” said Smiley in a YouTube video. “I don’t have an appetite but I feel bad for Mr. and Ms. Nichols up in Memphis, all the parents that have ever been through this. I just thought I’d never be a member of the organization where you have to bury your kid. It’s a terrible nightmare.”

Smiley did not share a cause of death but noted that Brandon Smiley was scheduled to go to church with his grandma before the family received the news.

My mom talked to my son yesterday morning, they were supposed to go to church,” said Smiley after noting the sadness in the mourning matriarch’s eyes. “She was gonna go pick him up and take him to church. She texted him back for the address and he didn’t respond. An hour and a half after that, maybe two hours—he was gone,” he added

We’re extending prayers to a grieving comedian/host who’s announcing the loss of his son.

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