Nas Blixky was the victim of a shooting earlier this year, and a reputed 6 Treys gang member has now been arrested for trying to avenge the shooting — but Blixky himself is still in legal hot water.

The New York Daily News reported that 22-year-old Taj Zeigler, a longtime member of the 6 Treys (which are an offshoot of the Folk Nation Gangster Disciples, originally founded by Larry Hoover in Chicago in the 1960s), was arrested on Friday (April 7), and ordered to be detained at Brooklyn Federal Court

According to the charges, on January 28, 2022, Zeigler is accused of attempting to shoot the man he believed was responsible for the near-fatal shooting of Nas Blixky on January 22, 2022. However, the bullets Zeigler is believed to have fired didn’t actually hit anyone.

The New York Daily News also reported that though the shooter wore a mask that obscured their face, they were able to be identified through a “black Marmot-brand puffer jacket and two-toned black and grey sneakers,” similar to one Zeigler wore in several videos and social media posts.

Zeigler’s charges include being a felon in possession of ammunition. At press time, it was unclear what other charges were pending against him.

Shortly after Nas Blixky’s shooting, the rapper (real name Nasir Fisher)’s stepfather told the New York Daily News that his stepson had vowed to change his rap moniker and never diss other rappers again.

“On Facebook they’re saying he’s dead but he’s still alive,” he said. “The rapper Nas Blixky is dead. The stage name is gone. Many people want him dead. I told him he’s better than that. You want him dead? He’s dead. He’ll be back with better music and better lyrics.”

But last March, Nas Blixky set the record straight on his stepfather’s claims, and told Complex that he had no intention of changing anything about his career.

“I fuck all these n-ggas’ bitches. I’m the flyest,” he said. “ … Sometimes I can get cocky with it, ’cause it’s the n-ggas that be coming at me, but sometimes I be humble with it, you feel me? ’Cause, just like this, it can be taken from you. I got my cocky shit out … now it’s time to fall back and lay low. I ain’t never done dissin’.”

Unfortunately for Nas Blixky, however, his career has been put on hold. On February 14, the Queens District Attorney released a statement revealing that 23 gang members — including Blixky — had been charged with a wide sundry of felonies including conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, and gun possession.

Blixky — who has been charged under his real name, Nasir Fisher — has been charged with attempted murder “and other crimes,” according to the Queens District Attorney. If he’s convicted, he faces up to 25 years in prison.

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