H.E.R. has praised Q-Tip for having introduced her to a wide variety of music, and described him as her favorite rapper of all time.

Speaking with The Source, the singer explained why she loves the A Tribe Called Quest leader as much as she does

“I don’t know who I relate to the most, but one of my favorite rappers of all time is Q-Tip,” she said. “I actually got to meet him one time and he put me onto so much music. And I didn’t realize how much music he was inspired by outside of Hip Hop.

“He to me just focuses on having fun with the music and making people feel something without kind of trying. Just kind of being him

This isn’t the only person the “Damage” singer has praised for their work in recent weeks. While reflecting on her recent experience attending a Golden State Warriors basketball game, she lauded the team’s superstar guard Steph Curry for his moves on the court.

The Grammy-winning artist attended Tuesday night’s (April 4) game where the Warriors upended the Oklahoma City Thunder 136-125 after staging a big comeback at the Chase Center.

Growing up in the Bay Area herself, H.E.R. called the epic night a “Top 5 moment” of her life, as things came full circle for the singer after she sang the National Anthem before a Warriors game as a child.

“TOP 5 MOMENTS EVER!!!!!! FELT SO GOOD TO BE HOME. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE. Brought back so many memories,” she wrote. “I sang the national anthem at a warriors game when I was a kid lol crazy to be back.And thank you for the jersey, Steph, You’re the GOAT. I’m so inspired by you!!!!”

The sports fan’s post saw her receiving a personalized autographed jersey from Steph Curry, passing the ball for a three-pointer to sniper Jordan Poole in warm-ups, and another photo saw her posted up with forward Draymond Green.

H.E.R. might be a bigger sports fan most think as she also pulled up to Super Bowl LVII in February, but also seemed to be more excited for Rihanna’s halftime performance. “Ready for the Riri concert #superbowllvii,” she captioned the photo from her front-row seat.

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