TV Series Will Show Real Story

Suge Knight says his upcoming TV series will portray his version of the truth about how some of Death Row’s biggest records were made … allegedly without Dr. Dre’s involvement.

Suge tells TMZ Hip Hop … Daz Dillinger’s latest interview — where he claimed he got $2.5 mil out of Suge — is just Daz “running his mouth.” However, he has his own story to tell about Daz, alleging Dre convinced Tha Dogg Pound producer to sign over rights to Snoop Dogg’s classic “Doggystyle” album.

As everyone knows, Dre is credited with producing that iconic project, but Suge claims it was really Daz who ghost-produced it.

Speaking from a CA state penitentiary, Suge told us the record distributor wanted Dre’s name on Snoop’s debut album for visibility purposes. That record came after Dre’s legendary “The Chronic,” so having him produce would be a huge boost for “Doggystyle.”

Suge claims he advised Daz to reject Dre’s proposed buyout … but Daz went through with it anyway. We reached out to Daz for his side, but haven’t heard back.

Suge says his version of the “Doggystyle” backstory is what viewers will see in the upcoming BLK Prime TV series chronicling his life. He also assured Daz his DGPC twin Kurupt will get some shine for being a ferocious MC in the violent Death Row era.

Suge, who’s doing 28 years for voluntary manslaughter, takes umbrage with how another blockbuster record in Dre’s catalog, “California Love,” was depicted in 2015’s “Straight Outta Compton.”

The Oscar-winning film shows Dre and Tupac Shakur organically creating the 1996 hit collab in-studio, but Suge alleges he actually orchestrated the song’s creation … because Pac and Dre were beefing at the time

He credits DJ Quik for thinking up the song’s iconic chorus when at the infamous 1995 Source Awards in NYC, and he later recruited the late Roger Troutman to sing the phrase on his voicebox.

Suge cosigned on veteran rapper J-Flexx’s claims he penned Dre’s verses for the classic tracks “Keep Their Heads Ringin’,” “Natural Born Killaz” and, of course, “California Love.”

He claims ‘California’ sat around for 5 years until he, not Dre, introduced Pac to the beat. Again, Suge says all of these behind-the-scenes allegations will play out in his biopic-styled TV series.

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