Tsu Surf has taken a plea deal as part of a larger RICO case, which still puts the acclaimed battle rapper at risk of spending up to 30 years in prison.

Court documents obtained by HipHopDX reveal that the “Broken Wings” rapper (real name Rahjon Cox) entered into the plea deal with the United States attorney of the District of New Jersey on March 23, and a video conference to confirm the plea deal was held on Thursday (April 27)

As part of the plea deal, Tsu Surf agreed to plead guilty to counts one and three of the initial indictment — meaning he pleaded guilty to committing conspiracy to violate the RICO act, and pleaded guilty to transporting firearms as a convicted felon.

Furthermore, as part of the deal, the battle rapper has to honor the terms of the deal if he wants to avoid being charged with additional RICO charges in the future

But if a guilty plea in this matter is not entered for any reason, or a guilty plea or a judgment of conviction entered in accordance with this agreement does not remain in full force or effect, this Office may reinstate any dismissed charges and initiate any other charges against Cox, even if the applicable statute of limitations period for those charges expires after Cox signs this agreement, and Cox agrees to assert that any such charges are time-barred,” reads the agreement.

Finally, Tsu Surf has also agreed to the forfeiture of any property obtained as part of this larger RICO conspiracy, including the firearm found in his possession and all accessories — including the bullets — tied to the firearm.

Tsu Surf was initially arrested on October 13, 2022, by the U.S. Marshals Service NY NJ Regional Fugitive Task Force at a home in Jersey City.

Tsu Surf, who was with a woman at the time of his arrest, barricaded himself inside a building in the 200 block of Wilkinson Avenue, before attempting to flee out the back, reports RLS Media. However, police had set a perimeter around the building which forced the rapper back inside.

After crisis negotiators joined law enforcement at the scene to encourage Tsu Surf to surrender peacefully, he turned himself in and was charged with racketeering.

The battle rapper’s arrest came after rumors emerged earlier in October that he was arrested on RICO charges in a raid that saw multiple members of his Crip gang detained.

To date, a judge has not imposed a sentence on the rapper.

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