Pinkydoll threatens to sue websites hosting leaked OnlyFans content

PinkyDoll says she makes thousands of dollars per TikTok live stream.

Popular NPC TikToker Pinkydoll is threatening to sue websites after she found several of them hosting content from her OnlyFans.

Over the last month or so on TikTok, an increasing number of influencers have turned to NPC Live streaming as a way to bring home tons of extra money.Pinkydoll was the creator that helped make NPC streams go viral and has revealed how much she brings home on TikTok on top of Instagram and OnlyFans.

In a video on August 2 that’s since gone viral, Pinkydoll shared that she found several websites hosting her OnlyFans content without her permission.

Pinkydoll threatens to sue websites after jarring Google search

Since the video was uploaded, it has continued to go viral — amassing almost three million views in the process.In the clip, Pinkydoll says that she searched “Pinkydoll n*ked” on Google, clicked pictures and found a bunch of websites hosting her leaked OnlyFans content.

Obviously angry, she hit out at the websites and threatened to sue if they don’t remove her content.

“I see all these websites. How dare you, you going to let other people put my face and my body out here doing stuff like that,” she said.“I’m going to sue all of you, I’m going to sue you. You allow the people to post Pinkydoll.”With the newfound popularity with NPC streams on TikTok, Pinkydoll has received quite a bit of backlash due to the unique content.She’s since mentioned that she “doesn’t care,” and has since continued live streaming as the non-playable character.

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