Rapper Jake Jhitt Dies at 18: Shot & Killed on Highway Incident

Jacksonville, FL – The hip-hop community is mourning the loss of 18-year-old rapper Jake Jhitt, who was shot and killed last night in a suspected gang-related attack.

Jhitt was considered a rising star in Jacksonville’s rap scene, gaining popularity for his gritty lyrics and unique style. Just days ago, he released his debut mixtape “Bitxh Who” which was already garnering praise among fans and critics.According to police reports, Jhitt was driving home last night around 11 PM when a car pulled up next to him and opened fire. After being hit multiple times, Jhitt’s vehicle veered off the highway and crashed into a parked semi-truck. He was pronounced dead at the scene.Authorities believe the shooting may have been a targeted hit from a rival gang, as Jhitt was affiliated with local crews like K4M, OTD, and WAWG. However, the investigation is still ongoing.As news spread of Jhitt’s death, tributes poured in on social media from heartbroken fans and fellow rappers. “RIP Jake, gone too soon,” tweeted popular rapper Lil Dex. “Can’t believe someone took my bro from me,” posted Jhitt’s close friend and producer Mizo Beatz.4th Quarter Tv Shared a Post on Facebook by writing:-18-year-old Jacksonville rapper Jake Jhitt passed away yesterday. It’s unclear at this time, whether b*llets or the car accident k*lled him. Sources tell us, he was being chased and attempted to flee and cr*shed into a semi-truck.

Na’God Scott Shared a Post Video Accident & wrote:-

I thought this was a normal car wreck come to find out it was a Jake Jhitt hit

L.L Jake Jhitt

Duvalpromo shared a Post on Instagram by Writing:-

Jacksonville Rapper “Jake Jhitt” passed away in Duval 🙏🏽 ..He Was Only 18 Years Old 💔Update: allegedly he passed away after he was sh*t & was hit by a semi truckArticle said: JSO responded and found the man’s vehicle had crashed into the back of a semi-truck after getting h*t by bullets.

Many are calling for an end to the senseless violence that often plagues hip-hop as young talents continue to lose their lives. Jhitt was seen as a voice of his generation and a leading figure in Jacksonville’s flourishing rap landscape.Jhitt’s debut mixtape will stand as a testament to his burgeoning artistry and the mark he left behind. His legacy will live on through his iconic music and the influence he had on other aspiring rappers.The hip-hop community mourns the immense loss of Jake Jhitt, but vows to honor his memory by calling for change and continuing his mission. Police continue to investigate the shooting and motives behind it.

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