Crunchy Black believes there’s more to Gangsta Boo‘s death than what’s been reported, claiming that she was killed by her brother following her death in January.

The former Three 6 Mafia member was found dead on New Year’s Day in her hometown of Memphis at the age of 43.

Her death was ruled an accidental overdose per an autopsy report in June, which claimed she overdosed on fentanyl, cocaine and ethanol (alcohol).

But in a pair of Instagram posts from fellow Three 6 Mafia member Crunchy Black on Tuesday (August 22), he claimed her brother E Gutta (real name Eric Mitchell) was behind her death.

According to previous reports, Boo’s brother was with her on the night of her passing and also suffered an overdose. Both the rapper and her sibling were hospitalized following the incident, but only her brother managed to recover

Crunchy Black shared a screenshot of an Instagram comment from @martinezdeange1985, who appears to be someone who was allegedly in jail with Gutta.

The message directed toward Gangsta Boo’s brother suggested he “got her up outta here on purpose” after claims he hated her due to her not sending him any money.

“Ay tell everybody that you probably got her up outta here on purpose..” the message read. “Did u tell these folk that all u used to do when we was locked up was talk about how much u hate her cuz she ain’t send you no bread or help put you on? U a phony.

“I’m bout to reach out to yo whole family and tell them everything you used to be talking about in prison when it came to Boo. Imma start wit your mama because she needs to know her son ain’t shit.”

In the caption, Crunchy Black wrote: “God is good he sent me this to post and sure against the boo brother we on your ass he was in jail y’all talking about how he hate her how he going to do something to her if anybody f*** with boo you know she had a good heart.

“Things that she couldn’t do she wouldn’t going to do it things that she could do you can depend on her being there for you I’m being there for my friend get it how you live or don’t live at all miss you love you just like I miss my daughter #M4L #HHMG #MICHIGAN #MEMPHIS10 #Memphis #BOO #MISSISSIPPI ##DETROIT #MIAMI #CRUNCHYBLAC #CHICAGO.”

He added: “I won’t smoke @gangster BOO @missyeahoe yeah hoe. if you f*** with Gangsta boom or the Three 6 Mafia make sure you share and repost this and repost it sure this and repost it.”

In another post responding to a news story about his claim, Crunchy Black said he wanted “justice” for Gangsta Boo and that her brother should “kill his fucking self.”

“I’m Never Scared and I want Justin for Gangster boo b**** ass n**** kill this sister because she wasn’t able to do things for his b**** ass when he was in jail.” he said. “it wasn’t her fault that a n**** don’t want to get out of here and work for something to have something like she was doing.

“And you want a grown man want a grown woman to take care of him just because that’s his sister kill your f****** self feed your f****** self work your f****** self lame ass n****# I want all the smoke cell repost share this and repost this.”

Crunchy Black also took to the comments of the post claiming he’s not “saying shit just to be saying it,” affirming his opinion that E Gutta killed Gangsta Boo.

“I want everybody to pay attention to what I am saying I do not say s*** just to be saying it,” he wrote. “I’m not looking for no f****** clap it is what it is the whole ass n**** did it and I’m going to make sure you deal with it so don’t get on this page talk about that ain’t true.

“Don’t get on my f****** comments talking no s*** that you don’t know about and if you claim you know it better then speak up m************ do not get on my f****** page talking about it’s not true b**** I’m not saying s*** just to be saying it.”

When an Instagram user doubted his claim, Crunchy Black responded saying “it is true” and that he’s not “trying to get come clout.”

“@playtoy702 do not get on my paper page saying it’s not true,” he said. “who the f*** you think I am some mother f***** just around here trying to get some clout not on this mother f***** just talking it is true if you don’t know about it then get the f*** off my page.”

Gangsta Boo is survived by two brothers — the aforementioned Eric and another named Tarik. When someone on E Gutta’s Instagram page claimed it was Tarik who “got the drugs” that killed Gangsta Boo, @martinezdeange1985 disputed this claim.

“False! Her other brother lives in New York,” they wrote. “It was definitely this one. He been out of prison for a minute. I was in there with him and I definitely believe he set her up! All he used to do was talk bad about her to us in there and talk about what he was gone do to her when he got out.”

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