Vic Mensa‘s long-awaited sophomore album Victor is just around the corner.

Taking to Instagram with a trailer for the forthcoming effort on Monday (August 21), the Chicago rapper announced a September 15 release date.

In the clip, a shirtless Vic sits on a stool in the center of an art gallery as artists work around him. It closes on a portrait of him one of the painters was creating.

And I tried to tell you that I’m not gon’ stop/I was down bad, still came out on top,” he raps on the song. “I been up a milli, brought it back to the block/Give no fuck, middle finger up ’til I drop!

You can watch the clip below:

The effort will follow 2017’s The Autobiography – Vic’s debut album. Released via Roc Nation and Capitol Records, the project features guest appearances from Weezer, Syd, The-Dream, Chief Keef, Joey Purp, Pharrell, Saul Williams, Ty Dolla $ign and Pusha T.

According to a court docket obtained by HipHopDX last month, Vic Mensa is scheduled to appear in landlord-tenant court on Friday (August 25) to answer for an eviction request.

The initial claim for eviction was filed on July 25, alleging the rapper is behind more than $8,000 in unpaid rent. For his part, Vic has disputes the claims, while alleging that the landlord actually put his family in danger.

The attorney for 3936 S Indiana LLC, however, is airing his grievances out in the press, issuing a statement TMZ about the case.

The landlord’s attorney, George Georgopoulos, is lamenting that the owner “is left holding the bag of paying real estate taxes, maintenance, and other costs for the building while Vic Mensa continues to use and occupy the space without paying rent.”

A rep for Vic Mensa, however, has disputed this, and claimed that the rapper’s steps were necessary to ensure the safety of his girlfriend and his family.

“The negligence of this landlord put the lives of Vic Mensa’s family in danger, particularly his girlfriend who was alone when their home in Chicago was broken into by an armed serial rapist who we later learned had AIDS and a long history of attacks against women,” the rep told HipHopDX.

“Luckily she is safe, and the intruder was incarcerated. There was zero security on the building and the landlord refused to install any amidst numerous requests, so Vic moved as he wasn’t under any lease obligations to remain in the unit. The landlord was in violation of multiple Chicago Renters Rights codes and instead of taking accountability he’s attempting a money grab to collect rent from after the break-in occurred when Vic wasn’t even living in the building anymore.”

Subsequent research provided by the Chicago Police Department revealed that the intruder, Justin Ware, does indeed have multiple arrests and convictions, including a 2015 conviction as a violent sex offender.

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