Peezy has been involved in a car crash which was followed by a brief physical altercation with the other driver which happened to be a woman.

Footage emerged of the serious car accident on Monday (August 28). The Detroit rapper’s black truck appeared to slam into the female’s grey sedan and nearly totaled the smashed vehicle while his grill suffered some major damage.

The clip shows Peezy jogging over to check on the woman amid the carnage, who is furious about what had just transpired as she attempts to slap and hit the rapper while aggressively yelling at him in the heated exchange.

There appears to be plenty of bystanders at the scene of the accident watching on and looking to de-escalate the situation. It’s unclear when and where the incident went down.

Check out the clip below:

Fans were very disappointed in the way the woman reacted as they felt Peezy may have taken care of her car bills if she hadn’t attacked him.

“I’m pretty sure if she acted another way about this, peezy would probably pay for all of it. his fault or not,” one person wrote via No Jumper, while another said: “People Get That Mad When They Don’t Have Insurance.”

On the music side, Peezy returned on Friday (August 25) to deliver the hard-hitting “No Amiris” which features a rare guest appearance from Key Glock.

Perhaps the #Boyz Entertainment CEO will be able to put his future law degree to use in situations like following the car accident as he professed his plans to go back to school and study law in an interview with Billboard earlier this year.

“That’s gonna be a new venture for me,” he said of attending law school. “I never want to stop learning.”

He hopes his music provides that same sort of inspiration for fans to want to better their own life. “Somebody [told me about] how I changed their life,” he said. “People say my music puts them in better moods, makes them want to hustle, go back to school, make money.”

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