Run-DMC rapper DMC is not running for President of the United States – despite a statement he has now said was taken out of context.

The quote was taken from an interview with soccer magazine OutKick published on Saturday (August 26).

“The whole beauty of everything that’s going on, Messi being here, soccer, MLS, everything that’s going on, this is what the world is all about,” he told the outlet. “We see so much division, but if we go to a soccer game or concert or museum, where the sports and art is, it’s a true representation of how great this world is. Not can be, is.”

He continued: “And I am running for President starting today, because in a beautiful place like this… what better place to announce it? But it’s all about togetherness and people coming together.”

DMC was watching soccer star Lionel Messi’s MLS league debut when he made the comments, and was specifically discussing Messi’s ability to unify all walks of life through sports. In a statement to AllHipHop on Tuesday (August 29), he clarified what his presidential quote meant – and laughed at how badly it got misconstrued.

“That’s so funny [laughs]! That’s why media today is a joke. They just run with anything before even confirming it. I would never run for president. I get more done as a representative of all people. The point I was trying to make is the arts succeed where politics and religion fails.”

He continued: “The real world is when people who are from different races and cultures can come together at concerts, museums, plays, sporting events, restaurants and comic cons. This shows the unique diverse but universally connected world we live in. Politics and religion are used divisively, but events with art and performance bring us together.”

While running for President is not on the agenda, new things will likely be on the horizon for the legendary rapper – as Run-DMC performed their last-ever live performance earlier this month.

The iconic rap group hit the stage at the tail-end of the concert which was spearheaded by Mass Appeal in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop.

Both Rev Run and DMC performed a slew of their classic hits including “It’s Like That,” “Sucker MC’s,” “It’s Tricky,” “Walk This Way,” and “My Adidas.”

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame group first teased their retirement back in January when DMC did an interview with Rock the Bells.

“Run-DMC is over,” he said. “The only way Run-DMC gets back together is if The Beatles get back together. Can that happen?”

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