EarthGang’s latest single with Spillage Village, “Die Today,” comes with a hilarious visual package that features Denzel Curry speaking at their wake.

The music video is constructed around the what-if scenario of the Dreamville duo passing away. This includes social media reactions by a range of celebrities, from The Rock to Paul McCartney (who refer to them as “the greatest”), as well as clips from the news cycles conveying the unfortunate demise to viewers across the world.

Between these cuts, however, members Olu and Wowgr8 come back from the dead to perform at their own service.

The video begins with Curry taking the podium while both rappers are still in their caskets, prefacing their resurrection with: “I’d like to start by sayin I love them n-ggas, but I wanna air some shit out.”

During the intermission, the frame once again cuts to Denzel ranting as he resumes: “N-ggas need to stop this bullshit. Let’s talk about this n-gga’s suit — this n-gga is dressed like red velvet cake. Who decided on this?

“And this other n-gga — why is he wearing a dashiki. We need to bury him with incense and crystals ASAP. These n-ggas owe me five dollars and when it comes down to their music, please stream that shit so they can stay broke.”

Curry returns one last time for the epilogue, saying: “So let’s talk about the widows. These n-ggas only know these bitches for three weeks and talk about getting married. And they was like, ‘I think she the one, man’ — no, n-gga, she number six. You had a number one five times already. You need to stop this shit. That’s what I kept telling Olu. He think he get all the bitches, but he don’t.”

“Die Today” is expected to be featured on EARTHGANG Vs The Algorithm: RIP Human Art, the release date of which has yet to be finalized.

EarthGang have been racking up co-signs from across the entertainment world and not just in Hip Hop. Last month, the pair released a new song inspired by one of Adam Sandler’s most popular characters from the ’90s, following which the actor himself endorsed the song.

In early July, the two-piece teamed up with Benji. and Spillage Village to release “Bobby Boucher,” a single named after the protagonist from The Waterboy that is also expected to be a part of the aforementioned album.

Sandler wrote the 1998 film and played the role of Boucher, a mentally challenged water boy for a college football team.

The film has since garnered a cross-generational following, and EarthGang are the latest among many to have shown it love. They released a music video along with the song and then shared it on Twitter. This eventually caught the attention of the person it was based on.

A few days after the video went live, Sandler retweeted the a clip of it posted by the group and captioned it: “Yo EARTHGANG! Singing along with you! Love, Bobby B.”

It’s a relief to get new music from the duo considering the cards they were dealt earlier this year. In February, EarthGang spent Grammy weekend in Los Angeles, but the trip ended on a sour note as they revealed they’d lost hard drives containing new music.

However, they seem to be back on track now.

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