Kid Cudi attributes his early interest in fashion to Pharrell Williams, saying he’d often turn to the Louis Vuitton designer for inspiration on how to dress.

During a brief chat with Maurice Kamara of The People Gallery on Sunday (August 27), the MOTR-clad rapper discussed his clothing sense and told viewers to “be free, do your thing.”

“When I was young, man — I mean like 2001, 2002 — like, Pharrell was like the style god to me,” Cudi said about first gravitating toward expressing himself through fashion. “It was like I was learning how to be fresh at that time and like he was like the person I’d check for, most of the time.”

He continued: “The fashion in Cleveland was not very forward, so like I would look to guys like P or, y’know, when Kanye came out.”

Kid Cudi has never shied away from expressing himself and his recent commercial for Calvin Klein is further proof of that.

In mid-August, the fashion house unveiled their new campaign with the Ohio native by posting a series of photographs in which he can be seen donning their outfits. This first look featured Cudi in his element, undeterred as always by what others might have to say about him.

“@kidcudi indulges in a flash of personalities,” the caption read. “Discover the new campaign.”

Cudder himself posted a clip of his photoshoots with Calvin Klein in which he dances with a confidence that is specific to his character.

During a new interview with Esquire, the “Pursuit of Happiness” hitmaker discussed the collaboration.

“Man, I think what makes me feel confident is knowing that I’m truly myself at all times,” he said about his approach. “I’m 100 percent unique, me. And I know that’s what carries me into every situation. The fact that I love myself. That’s really it. That’s what gives me the most confidence in the world.”

On truly setting himself free and expressing himself with a full range of motion, he explained: “Oh, man, I think letting go has been the big thing. Letting go of the things that don’t serve me, the things that don’t make me feel good. Kind of letting things go and moving on and opening up new chapters. I think when I did that interview, I was at a place in my life where I was just beginning a new chapter.

“But since then, so much has happened. So much with business and movies and me writing movies, me writing TV shows. My clothing line has taken off. There’s just a lot that’s happened since. And it’s just a really beautiful thing that I’ve been able to let go of the shit that’s been holding me down all these years, and I’ve been able to really, truly step into this new chapter with a clean slate. I’d say that’s the biggest difference between last year and this year.”

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