Fat Joe has had many a tale to tell in his time in the industry, but few stories compare to his most recent one about a hairy encounter with a less-than-jolly St. Nick.

In an Instagram Live which aired on Sunday (September 3), the Terror Squad leader recounted a tale where he was leaving a jewelry store and encountered a man whom, he believed, was mentally compromised

I came out of the jewelers and this guy sees me,” he said. “The guy is wearing a Santa Claus outfit, but it’s the summer, guys. He’s got money in his hand — a bunch of singles, dirty singles — he looked like he went to the strip club with oil or whatever.”

He continued: “He sees me and he goes, ‘You! You muthafucka!’ So I’m looking at him because nobody does that to me. But obviously, you know, the guy was mentally disturbed. Mental illness, schizophrenia?

So he goes, ‘Oooh, you rich muthafucka! I have nothing! No one loves me!’ […] I don’t know. The man got a knife or something. He was in a horrible state of mind. You know, he had schizophrenia […] But for the most part, I was impressed that I exercised patience.”

Check out the full tale of the tape below

This isn’t the first time that Fat Joe has told stories about his misfortunes. Last week, he revealed to the Rap Radar Podcast that his past beef with JAY-Z cost him a lucrative sneaker deal with Reebok.

“I learned the hard way, I never complained and I never said it publicly but you know I had beef with 50 Cent and JAY-Z,” he said. “The two most fucking powerful dudes in the world. Reebok was gonna give me a sneaker deal and they [were like], ‘Oh you have beef with JAY-Z and 50 Cent,’ Jordan too, ‘We can’t give you the deal.’ You know how much money, shit was like an embargo.”

The Bronx rap veteran continued by relating it to Melle Mel’s recent insult aimed at Eminem, which Joe said he spoke to the Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five legend about.

“I’m not saying purposefully they was doing it, but Mayor’s not doing a deal with you if you got beef with Fat Joe,” Joey continued. “So that’s the whole point I try to teach [Melle Mel] from my mistake. I said, ‘Yo bro, you don’t wanna diss him’…What I’m saying is don’t block your blessings.”

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