Giggs was behind bars at the height of 50 Cent and G-Unit‘s mixtape run – and it was driving him crazy not being able to get his hands on the music at the time.

The UK rapper stopped by the Rap Radar Podcast in a new episode published on Thursday (September 7), and recalled his time in jail in the early 2000s.

That was ’03. It was all 50, G-Unit tapes,” he said. “I remember I went to one jail and we couldn’t have music at all. I was in there for like three months and I was going crazy with no music, fam — I remember I heard one 50 tune, ‘Guns For Sale.’ I heard it on the radio one night, like half of it, I said, ‘I gotta the fuck out of this jail. Fuck this place.’”

He continued: “And I remember we got a transfer and moved to the next jail then. As soon as I got in the jail, I heard some yute playing some [DJ] Whoo Kid tape. I’m like, ‘Oh shit! Is that what I’ve been missing?’

And then I hit [my manager] and I said: ‘Fam, just send me everything bro.’ And he sent me mad CDs. I remember that was that time, like, G-Unit — and everyone had some new young buck. I remember Dipset had JR Writer. Busta – he had the youth M Dollars yute. Obviously 50, Lloyd Banks. Everyone that had that young yute with the punchlines. Cassidy [was with] Swizz. Them times was ringing.”

Check out the interview below:

Things are quite different for Giggs these days, and now he can not only listen to whoever he wants but he can collaborate with them as well. Last month, he released his new album Zero Tolerance, which features appearances from the likes of Jadakiss, Diddy, Dave East, Popcaan, Dave, 21 Savage and more.

On his song with the latter, the London rap legend kicks things off by firing off threatening bars that set the tone for the track.

“Touch my little bro, it’s gonna cost your right arm/ See all of these n-ggas, yeah those are my dawgs/ I’m just doin’ me so please don’t cross on my path/ Dubai, I’m layin’ low, don’t stay at FIVE Palm,” he raps.

21 then takes over, delivering some Southern swagger while unapologetically dropping his new immigration plan of action.

“When I get my Green Card I’m going straight to Brixton/ I don’t do no hair, but all my Glocks got extensions,” he raps over the menacing production.

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