Nas fans have flooded his social media with pleas to keep on rapping after the King’s Disease rapper teased his potential final curtain call with a rather cryptic post.

In an Instagram video he posted on Friday (September 8), Nas teased that his upcoming album would be “The Finale,” but didn’t give any more details about the potential release.

What’s more, the Queens legend wiped his Instagram clean, so that the only post that was available was the teaser.

Check out the post below:

As might be expected, Nas’ post prompted a series of speculation — and begging — with fans alternating between pleading with the rapper to stay in the game just a little while longer, and wondering what, exactly, “the finale” was truly all about.

“What you mean the Finale man? Nah,” wrote rapper and Hip Hop commentator Rob Markman.

The finale?!? Of this chapter? This book? Don’t play with my life like this Nasir,” wrote one commenter, while another said: “Stop playing Nas, ain’t no finale!!! Keep going.”

Other commenters, however, speculated that “the finale” may simply refer to the end of the run of this King’s Disease series.

There was also no shortage of commenters who gave their props to Hit-Boy, who has collaborated with Nas on the series as well as his Magic series.

Magic 3?? By the way great run by you and Hitboy,” wrote one commenter of many who showed the producer some love. Although not all comments about Hit-Boy were positive, with more than a few commenters writing: “no more Hit-Boy. Please.”

Still other commenters speculated that “The Finale” referred to the long-speculated collaboration between the “Ether” rapper and DJ Premier, whose collab rumors first started all the way back in 2007 but haven’t yet materialized. “Well can he end it with Pete Rock Q-Tip Large Pro & Premo production?!?!?!?!” one fan wrote.

On the track “30,” which dropped back in November of last year, the Queens rap legend snuck a line in about the joint effort with Preemo, mentioning the album could still see a release date.

“Doesn’t matter this is sheer relief, I feel the breeze this is/ Superhero material, rap star status/ Premier album still might happen,” Nas raps on the Hit-Boy produced track.

Word of a Nas and DJ Premier album got around after the two friends mentioned wanting to do it during an interview with Scratch in 2007. Years would go by, and nothing materialized besides Preemo promising that it would come out in various interviews.

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