Hitmaka has fired back against singer Tink‘s allegations — and even made a pointed allegation of his own against the “Treat Me Like Somebody” singer.

Tink was the first one to levy accusations, taking to her Instagram Live on Saturday (September 9) to blast the producer for allegedly getting physical with her. Tink didn’t get into details about when the alleged altercation took place, but she made it clear that she wouldn’t stop until she received some type of justice.

“I had a moment in that car when I had to get physical,” Tink went on. “Don’t play with me, and please, don’t get on this Internet playing, because I had to defend myself. And Christian, when you see this shit, just understand you’re foul. That’s all I need you to know.

She continued: “You tweaking with a real bitch, like, a real one that goes through the trenches with you. Everybody told me to let that shit go and everybody told be ‘Be careful working with him,’ and I never seen it until now. Honestly, this has been going on since May. So yeah, this ain’t nothing new, I just have to express it because it may drop, it may leak. And that’s it. New music is on the way.”

Check out the video below.

That same day, Hitmaka took to his own Instagram stories to address Tink’s allegations against him. According to him, he “stands on being real” and refuses to allow Tink’s accusations against him to stand unchallenged.

What’s more, the producer implied that he’d be taking the accusations to attorneys to potentially pursue legal charges against the “Bottom Bitch” rapper.

“She gonna have to pay,” he said, cryptically. “I don’t even know what that girl talking about.”

Hitmaka also said that he and Tink had a great working relationship, but that this relationship had gone south after talks of money came into the mix, and the relationship culminated with the aforementioned physical altercation.

For his part, though Hitmaka isn’t letting the situation with Tink get him down, as he’s recently enjoyed the success from his recent collaboration with Jim Jones called “If You Want Me To Stay,” which was released late last month.

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