Cam’ron has returned to his Hip Hop roots with his new mixtape, The Lost Files Vol. 1 featuring Styles P — listen below.

The Dipset rapper and sports talk show host dropped the project on Friday (September 8), and boasts a digestible eight tracks.

The Lost Files Vol. 1 includes singles “It’s Only Money,” and “Go & Get It,” as well as “Top Of The Pyramid,” featuring Styles P.

The LOX member is the lone feature on the project.

The Lost Files Vol. 1 is the follow-up to Cam’s 2022 mixtape with A-Trak, U Wasn’t There.

Stream The Lost Files Vol. 1 below:

“It’s Only Money” was released earlier last month.

On the hard-hitting track, Cam’ron flexes his longstanding influence on the music industry amid his transition from rapper-actor to sports show host.

With several stunt-tastic lyrics like “Half a million dollars on my left hand” and “Photoshoot with Tom Brady’s wife,” the It Is What It Is host seemingly cements he still is and always has been that guy.

Meanwhile, on the hook, Cam alludes to having endless wealth, rapping: “It’s only money/ I said it’s only money (Oh, he ain’t got it?)/ We done heard it’s timing / Yeah, it’s only money/ Who you? I’m just who all the ladies like (What you done?)/ Photoshoot with Tom Brady’s wife/ Naomi Campbell and … Now I snatch the models off of IG.”

Later on the track, the 47-year-old doubles down on claims that business has been so good, he hasn’t spent a dime since his 2006 album, Killa Season.

Outside of the music world, Cam’ron and Ma$e signed a lucrative, eight-figure deal to bring their hit sports platform to a new home last month.

The pair of Harlem rap dignitaries previously announced that they had reached an agreement with sports betting platform Underdog Fantasy.

The partnership begins this month and will last for a total of 18 months. Fans will still be able to watch the talk show on its current platform, the Come and Talk 2 Me YouTube page.

“Thank you Nick [Nicholas Green of Underdog Fantasy],” Cam said in a statement. “We appreciate you seeing the true value of It is What it Is.”

He added on Instagram of the deal previously: “Yo @rsvpmase now we even. It’s ya go again. Pause lol. All jokes aside thank you for everything. Now let’s go kĩll these n-ggas! @itiswhatitis_talk BIG HARLEM!! THE BIGEST!!! PAWS And thank you @underdogfantasy.”

Cam was referencing how he and Ma$e are “even now” dates back to the Dipset rapper’s entry into the music game as Ma$e introduced him to Biggie in the ’90s which led to Killa inking a deal with Untertainment and Epic Records.

Underdog Fantasy is no stranger to embracing controversy as they previously partnered with former NBA star Gilbert Arenas for his bold Gil’s Arena podcast.

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