Blueface has come under fire for his questionable parenting skills in the past, but his most recent parenting failure has drawn fire — and investigations — from both members of law enforcement and the Los Angeles Department of Child & Family Services (DCF).

TMZ is reporting that authorities have been called to the “Thotiana” rapper’s home nearly 10 times since May 2023, and the most recent call has actually sparked an investigation into himself and his baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis.

According to the outlet, the two still have custody of their children as of this writing, but that may be subject to change pending the outcome of the investigation.

What’s more, part of the reason why Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis still have custody of their children is due to their refusal to answer the door when the police and the DCF agents showed up.

Police have also been called to the rapper’s house due to both noise complaints and the incessant barking of dogs.

The basis for the DCF investigation, however, stems from an incident back in July, when Blueface badgered his six-year-old son about his sexuality and pressured him to watch half-naked women twerking inside his home.

The “Thotiana” rapper posted a series of videos on his Instagram Stories on July 6 in which he asked his young son, Javaughn, if he’s “gay” because he was hunting for snacks in the kitchen instead of ogling the group of women who were dancing in the living room.

“Son, come here. There’s booty cheeks out here and you in here looking for chips… Slim Jims and shit,” Blueface said while approaching his son in the pantry. “You ain’t gay is you? Huh? Are you gay? You ain’t gay, right?”

Jayvaughn, munching on a Slim Jim that he had found in the somewhat empty pantry, shook his head.

“My man!” Blueface replied while dapping and high-fiving his son. “My dawg! Ha haa!”

As Blueface interrogated his son, three women twerked away in skimpy outfits — including two in bikinis — in the room next door as Latto’s “Put It On Da Floor” blared through the speakers.

The rapper’s girlfriend and Javaughn’s mother, Jaidyn Alexis, could also be seen wandering around the living room and half-dancing to the song herself.

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