Juvenile has been tapped to help the New Orleans Saints launch their 2023 NFL season in electrifying fashion.

On Saturday (September 9), the New Orleans Saints in conjunction with Caesars Superdome — which is where the team plays — shared the motivational promotional video on Instagram featuring the NOLA rap legend.

“For some, the march began before the Superdome was home,” Juvenile begins as he walks outside of Caesars Superdome. “We marched together through ruin. We marched all the way to the top. So why in the hell would we stop now?”

Throughout the video, various plays on the field over the years , fan excitement, and scenes from the city overcoming Hurricane Katrina were shown.

Alongside Juvie, NFL Hall-Of-Famer and former Saints running back Deuce McAllister and former Saints safety and ALS spokesperson Steve Gleason appear in the promo video as well.

The New Orleans Saints play the Tennessee Titans on Sunday (September 10).

Juvenile isn’t the only Hip Hop legend to lend their services to an NFL team, as of late.

On Friday (September 8), Method Man took to Instagram to share a short film titled “What’s Past is Prologue,” in which he serves as a spokesperson for the New York Jets (and their fans) — creating much-needed hype around their upcoming football season.

“This here is where we write the story,” he begins the clip while overlooking the MetLife Stadium. “For city, for land, for nation. Not bound by ancestral borders — just loyalty to these colors,” he adds, narrating over the clip highlighting various individuals from all walks of life, repping Jets gear.

“This team — and this team’s been through it, man. Long days. Cold nights. Hardships and heartbreak. But you know what? We learn from it. We learned that the greatest heights conquered often begin in the greatest debts.”

Meth continues: “And the past need not define what we would will ourselves to become. It was a hard road to get here. Yeah. But you know what? The journey that’s easy never matters. Sacrifice is the price for greatness.

“So beat down, cast out, broken and battered but we never abandon. We never cowered. We never quit. Never quit. We built something new here, brick by brick. Player by player — turned defeats into lessons and rivals into teachings to become the best we’ve ever been.

“So, to the ones coming for us, I say bring it. We want all the smoke. Give us your titles, your strongest — your players yearning to be champions — ’cause we trained for this. We bled for this. We met the worst and came out the other side to now — to this moment — our time.”

He concludes: “What’s past is prologue. The story begins now,”

Method Man captioned the post: “JetLifestadium stand up .. the journey that’s easy never matters.. the 2023 season is here… J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets… #jetlifestadium.”

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