JAY-Z has an impressive track record, yet Eminem outdoing him on his own record seems to follow him even years into his established legacy.

On Monday (September 11), the world mourned the tragic attacks that claimed thousands of innocent lives in New York City 22 years ago

Hip Hop twitter, unsurprisingly, used that as an opportunity to drag JAY-Z, who released TheBlueprint on the same day the Twin Towers collapsed. One of the album’s highlights, “Renegade,” features Em rapping round circles around Jigga, and this is something people clearly haven’t forgotten.

“It’s been 22 years since Jay- Z became a 9/11 victim!!” one person tweeted. “Eminem really did a 9/11 on a camel.”

Another user shared a clip of the pair performing the song together, writing: “Today in History: September 11, 2001 a Horribly tragedy took place in America that humanity will never forget or fully recover from. Jay Z Dropped his Most iconic album “The Blueprint” just for EMINEM to completely wash him on it.”

One fan even shared a clip highlighting Em’s remarkable rhyme scheme on the song, captioning it: “22 years ago today, Jay-z got destroyed by Eminem in his own song, Renegade.. Snoop dogg after this said ‘I’d never ever put Eminem on my album, I saw what he did to jay-z in renegade

Just a few months back, Big Gipp claimed that Eminem made JAY-Z cooler, saying that Slim Shady was the better rapper on “Renegade.”

Gipp sat down for an interview with The Art Of Dialogue in late July, during which he said Em definitely had the better verse on the 2001 track and agreed with Nas, who argued the same on “Ether

“Hey man, Eminem,” Gipp said when asked who he believed had the better verse. “And I fuck with JAY-Z. JAY-Z one of the best, Top 5. Solo rappers, Top 5, but Eminem at that time was a fucking monster. He was eating everybody that stood next to him. What you’re gonna say, and what most people are gonna say is, ‘Well I identify more with what JAY-Z said because that’s my life and that’s where I came from and that’s my background.’”

He continued: “Okay, that’s right, but at the same time you gotta look at Eminem and say, ‘Yeah, but look at the kids that was looking up to him. That look like him and got his background. That takes him off into the middle of America, and a lot of places that we probably wasn’t at yet.

So If you’re looking at the demographics, I’m sure that Eminem and JAY-Z, Eminem took JAY-Z to a whole lot of places and whole lot of households he ain’t ever been in just cause he was on the song with Eminem. So you gotta look at both sides of it.

“If you was to put the same light on Em, he’d really represent it, his community same as JAY represented his community at the time of them doing that record. But as far as influence? Shit, to me Em came out as being as great, or even a better rapper then Jay. Technically, on that record…I think he took JAY-Z into households JAY-Z wasn’t in at that time. He made JAY-Z cooler, no way JAY-Z made him cooler.”

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