Faith Evans has revealed that she’s not even looking your way if you’re not packing the right amount of heat below the belt.

The singer got candid about her dating preferences during a recent episode of the Marriage or Mirage podcast – not mincing a single word when it came to what she expects in the bedroom.

He’s gonna be charming. He’s gonna be funny,” said Faith, who just recently settled her divorce with Stevie J. “His spirit is going to have to resonate that there’s God in him. But humor and all of that. It’s not about looks. I’m definitely going to look down at the thing thing. But no, somebody was tryna set me up on a date and I didn’t know it.”

She continued: “I was just hanging out with my homegirl and her friend that later on she told me [she was trying to get me up with] and I’m like girl. I looked down and I was like no, never would I. I didn’t see anything. I didn’t see nothing. That is a turn-off. A little dick is a fucking turn-off. I don’t believe in [a grower.] You gotta have something to grow. Hello. I want to see something. I need to see something for it to get to the bigger part.”

Elsewhere in the show, the former Bad Boy artist opened up about what she loved about her late husband, Biggie Smalls.

“Everything. I loved everything about him,” she began. “He was honest. You understand? One thing about him, even at that young age… honest! Yo, I respect it. I’m like, I can’t take nothing else.”

The 50-year-old went on to recall a time when she asked Biggie “Did you fuck her?” and he admitted it, rather than lie. Big was “honest as fuck,” she added, before revealing: “Most of the time I didn’t know what was going on but when I did and I asked him — he told the truth.”

It was love at first sight for the pair who married rather quickly, after meeting at a promotional photoshoot for Bad Boy Records in 1994. “I married her after knowing her eight days and I was happy. That was my baby,” Biggie once told VIBE. “At the same time, with us being so spontaneous, we did it backwards.”

The iconic rapper behind “Hypnotize” and “Big Poppa” died on March 9, 1997 at the age of 24. He was survived by Evans and their son, CJ Wallace.

Since then, Evans moved on with music producer Stevie J – though the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta couple’s love story would come to an abrupt halt after Stevie accused Evans of cheating. An allegation that appeared to open a can of worms including a stolen Benz, vicious spats leaked online, and a pricey divorce.

In July, after a lengthy and bitter divorce battle, the ex-lovers reportedly settled their differences and parted ways, for good

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