Styles P has chimed into the conversation surrounding Diddy giving several Bad Boy artists their publishing rights back, pointing out that The LOX has had control of their music for years now.

In early September, TMZ reported that the New York mogul had handed Ma$e, The LOX and the estate of The Notorious B.I.G. among others the rights to their music. Despite being true, the piece suggested it was all part of one swift move

On Monday (September 11), Styles P clarified that Diddy’s gesture has a timeline, writing: “TO ALL MEDIA OUTLETS AND JOURNALISTS. The LOX has had their publishing back since June of 2021. Should have asked us how we felt about it at the time!”

Check out the post below:

Whereas Diddy has been mostly applauded for restoring balance to the music circuit, not everyone agrees. Mark Curry, best known for his time on Bad Boy Records, has said that Diddy giving his artists back their publishing rights isn’t the grand deed it’s made out to be.

Last week, the New Jersey native posted a lengthy video on Instagram addressing his former label boss’ decision to give musicians full control over their catalogs, pointing out that it is still in Puff’s best interest.

“What’s it worth now?” he asked. “He gave me mine back a long time ago … That’s disrespectful — I said why don’t you just keep it and pay me? I don’t want the publishing; I want the money.”

The caption of the Instagram clip read: “Diddy gave the publishing back… So what.. it has no value… I want him to give me a million cash and then I can plan the rest of my life out well.”

In the comments section, Curry put things in perspective by adding: “Ever had somebody owe you 50 dollars.. when you needed it back.. they didn’t pay you.. then by the time they do pay you.. the 50 dollars doesn’t mean the same as it did when you needed it?

“That’s how I feel… I wanted that when it was making money.. not after it’s all gone.. what ima do with that? I’m fact.. it’s an insult.”

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