Sukihana has been accused of making “black bitches look horrible” for her viral VMAs post – but she has her own thoughts on the matter.

The outspoken rapper/reality star “put it on da floor” while walking the carpet at the annual awards show on Tuesday night (September 12) in New Jersey. In a video she shared of the moment, she captioned it: “My first @vmas y’all knew who I was when y’all invited me #sukihana #vmas.”

Not everyone was a fan of her antics, with one person on Twitter sharing the clip and adding: “Let’s cancel Suki. She really make black bitches look horrible.”

“Y’all been looked horrible stop blaming me,” Suki clapped back.

She also responded to another critic who said there’s a time and place for said antics, sharing doctored photos of her on-the-ground pose in a Lion King scene and in The Last Supper painting.

Sukihana is no stranger to online criticism. In July, the Love & Hip Hop star was criticized for a visit she made to London’s Buckingham Palace and once again slammed for “embarrassing” Black people while outside the prestigious landmark.

Suki stopped by the King of England’s home and was captured on video horrifying some onlookers as she left the palace grounds.

“I’m trying to get my coochie stretched,” Sukihana said as she walked past some locals. “I’m trying to get my coochie stretched and eat a n-gga ass. We’ll be eating n-ggas ass today.”

Suki then wrote in the caption: “I was tryna be classy but business class is good enough Cause suki international now.”

While some found the antic to be funny, a lot of people criticized Suki’s behavior, taking to the comments section of her post to say she ruined a chance to change a problematic narrative about Black people, with one person calling her actions “embarrassing.”

“N-ggas really laughing huh,” added another. “This shit ain’t funny…You fuk they heads up by talking like you got sense ..This shit is a backfire…i don’t care if she meant it..N-GAS just do but dont think..This don’t make whyte folks uncomfortable because this is what they want…So they laughing too…”

A third person wrote: “I love you Suki but be aware that freedom of speech is not a thing in England and they have strict public decency laws.”

On The Neighborhood Talk‘s re-share of the post, someone labelled the “EATING” rapper’s behavior as “ghetto” and told her to “have some decorum. Damn.” Another critic echoed this sentiment, writing: “She making black people look bad.”

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